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Board Meeting June 8, 2016

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Wed, 06/08/2016 - 3:12pm
Event date: 
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Park Office
Meeting agenda: 

Draft Agenda, Wednesday, June 8,  2016 – 7:30-9:00 PM

Call to Order - Jane Daniels, President                                               

    • Introductions and sign in
    • Announcements 
    • Acceptance of Minutes of May 11, 2016 meeting

Financial Report – Jane Daniels reporting for Jim Brosnan  $3908.76                                                   

Park Manager’s Minute (Bob Guarino)


    • National Trails Day - Sunday June 5 7 pm
    • Bird Walk with Bedford Audubon June 25, 7:30 am
    • July BBQ - who is willing to be in charge?
    • Hike from French Hill School on Baldwin Road to the Outlet Stream July 16, 2pm. 


    • Website Update
    • Wildflowers in FDR
    • National Heritage Area Grant update  
    • Recreational Trails Grant update


Upcoming meetings  Wednesday, July 13 and August 12, 2016 – All meetings are at 7:30 pm in the FDR Park Office

Meeting attendees: 
Charlie Castranova, Jane Daniels, Bob Guarino, Dianne Press, Walter Plankl, John Robinson,

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 

Bob Guarino reported 

The minutes of the Minutes of May 11, 2016 meeting were approved

Jane Daniels reported for Jim Brosnan  that the bank balance as of June 1 is $3908.76

Park Manager’s Minute - Bob Guarino reported that Brian Strasavich was in the park for two days to help Frank Mami and him get the pool ready for the summer. Water is in the pool and they are hoping to open the pool June 18th. He still needs life guards. More work on the pool area is expected to start after Labor Day. Two full time employees are out on sick leave placing a burden on the staff who have not opened for the season before.


    • The National Trails Day on Sunday June 5 was rained out. 
    • Dianne Press has organized a Bird Walk with Bird Walk with Bedford Audubon for June 25, 7:30-9:30 pm and meeting in the pool parking lot. She will post signs in the park. 
    • The July BBQ – Dianne Press said she would be in charge of the BBQ pot luck. Those attending the meeting signed up to bring things.
    • Jane announced that the Yorktown Trail Town Committee holds an event every month, frequently with another organization. She offered to lead a hike from French Hill School on Baldwin Road to the Outlet Stream on July 16, 2pm. 
    • Go to the Bottom of the Pool on September 25th is on hold because of the scheduled construction. Bob will know more later in the summer. Safety is the main concern.


    • Jane showed the new website which was done by Leigh Kouril as part of her civic Intern ship. Due to trying to open the pool the wildflowers seed has not been planted. Friends will sow the seed once the park has plowed an area.
    • Dianne Press and Rick Fisher have designed the content for one of the five signs being paid for by the National Heritage Area Grant
    • Jane reported that a field trip with NY State Parks Taconic Region staff members resulted in approval of using 30’ telephone poles to span the outlet stream with a high board walk on one side to allow for flooding for beaver activity and board walk on a spit on the south side. We are still waiting for approval from the Army Corps of Engineers for that project and filling in wet spots along the section of trail from Mohansic Ave East.
    • The Boy Scout Eagle Project is progressing but his work trip was rained out on Sunday. He has to finishing the decking, attach railings and their supports, and build the ramps

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10

Submitted by Jane Daniels.

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