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Board Meeting March 9, 2016

Submitted by Jane Daniels on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 10:29am
Event date: 
Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location: 
Park Office
Meeting agenda: 

Call to Order - Jane Daniels, President  

--- Introductions and sign in
--- Announcements
--- Acceptance of the minutes of the February 10 meeting                                      
Financial Report – Jim Brosnan, Treasurer
  -- Bank Balance
-- Recreational Trails Grant
-- Wildflower Project
-- Student Internships


-- I Love My Park Day - May 7th
-- National Trails Day - June 5th
-- Go to the Bottom of the Pool - September 25th 

Manager's Minute - Bob Guarino


Meeting attendees: 
Charles, Castranova, Jane Daniels, Efrain Figuera,Bob Guarino, Mark Kotkin, Bill Newman, Anwer, Quereishi, Dianne Press, John Robinson,

Meeting minutes status:

Meeting minutes: 

Jane Daniels called the meeting to order at 7:35pm

The minutes of the February 10 meeting were approved
Jane Daniels reported for Jim Brosnan, Treasurer, $48.60 was received as a donation in February. The bank balance is $3,205.62
Jane Daniels reported that she has heard back from Erin Drost, the point person in the Regional Office. She will send Jane a signed copy of the contract, but the DOT has not yet given permission to start work. She received a project permit for the Recreational Trails Grant, which must be signed and notorized. Bob Guarino has looked at the permit and said it looks fine to him. Jane mentioned that Yorktown Trail Town is working on building the trail on the 0.4 mile piece of town owned land across from the park property on Baldwin Road. Everyone is interested in seeing that piece and Jane offered to set up a field trip. She will send out a notice with a date.   

Bob Guarino will send Mark Kotkin the contact information for staff to work with him on planting wild flowers. He has $250-300 to spend. A bag of wildflower seed is $60/pound which will seed 1-2 square feet. Our budget will allow up to seed 4-8 square feet. 

Even though our insurance is not due until December, Charlie Castronova is contacting insurance companies to see if we can have a lower rate.

Jane reported that a high school senior is working to improve the website as part of her civic internship. She is to spend 3 hours/week. She will work on the bridge project once we can start working on the Recreational Trail Grant, 

I Love My Park Day is to be held on May 7th. Discussion included whether to work from Baldwin Road or something within the park. We will build the boardwalk on the wet area going towards the small bridge. Lumber will be hauled down the trail and the board walk built. Jane will give Bob a list of what is needed and he will ask the regional office about payment. 

Jane annouced that she would not be available on National Trails Day, June 5th. A decision is to be made in April on whether to participate.

Go to the Bottom of the Pool is set for September 25th, which will allow for time for the chlorine to evaporate and the pool to drain. The event will feature a walk into the empty pool and a tour of the bathhouse and behind the scenes of pool maintenance. Details to be worked out.

Dianne Press has been in contact with Beford Audubon about a bird walk. They suggested June 18, 25, or 26. The pool opens June 18th, but the bird walk at 7:30 will not interfere. Bob said that an entrance fee is collected starting May 21st. Dianne will confirm the date.

Bill Newman from the Westchester Disc Enthusiasts announced they are hosting a Women's and Youth Disc Golf Clinic to benefit the Support Connection on May 21 from 10-12. He asked if the event could be publicized on our calendar. Anwer Qureishi will send him information about other places to list the event. 

Bob Guarino in the Manager's Minute said the pool entrance fee would increase to $3/person with no discount for children and row boat rental from $7 to 10. When asked if the park gets more money as a result, he said all the entrance and renal fees go to Albany, none stay in the park. Spring events are being scheduled with one or two per day on the weekend.  He has been contacted by Volunteer Match to have 60 interns come for a service project in June. Hauling the lumber 0.7 mile via a bucket brigade would be a good project. Bill also indicated he could have projects for them. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:20.



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